The 2018 UNB Sports Business Conference will be the first of its kind in Atlantic Canada. It will gather like-minded, innovative students with forward-thinking sports industry professionals. The conference will bridge the gap between those working in the industry and those who hope one day to break in. 

From the emergence and importance of technology in sport to the evolution of the leadership of women in sport, the conference focuses on innovation in the industry. It aims at disrupting the industry by discussing diverse topics that give our delegates the best opportunity to enact game changing projects. 

We will be a forum for innovative ideas, a community of inspiration, and a space where delegates can interact with the people they look up to.

A career in sports is a "dream job" for many. The UNB Sports Business Conference will educate, inspire, and empower delegates to break into the industry and change the game.

OUR Core Values


We will be driven by innovation. Traditional is boring, let's look to the future. Our game changing approaches, speakers, and topics will be engaging and thought-provoking. 


Our speakers, discussions, and competitions will inspire and motivate our delegates to chase their dream. The conference will be a launching pad for delegates to discover opportunity in the industry.


The conference will not only be a platform for delegates to learn, but also a place for them to interact and network with each other and with the speakers. 


It is our mission to inspire students interested in sports business to make a name for themselves in a competitive, yet rewarding industry. The conference will create opportunities for young innovators by providing them with a networking platform on which to connect with working professionals across a wide range of fields. Our speakers will educate and empower delegates, discussing current trends in the sport industry.

The UNB Sports Business Conference will have a special emphasis on Atlantic Canada, aiming to falsify the notion that we play an insignificant role in the Canadian sport landscape. We will strive to be a catalyst for inspiration, opportunity, and innovation for our delegates in the business of sport.

Be a game changer